DSC_0638The Nockberge National Park is 184,3 sq. km wide and is located in the region of Carinthia. Its borders overlap the limits of the wood, which hosts several animal and plant species.

The park’s boundaries start from the Liesertal valley and continue along the imaginary lines joining Eisentratten and Radenthein in the West, Bad Kleinkirchheim and Patergassen in the South, and Patergassen and the Turracherhöhe plateau, through Ebene Reichenau.

The mountain ranges composed of crystalline rock, the so-called “Norken” that is “potato dumplings” (the name is due to their rolling shape) host every sort of landscape: woods, hill countries, rolling hills, green alpine meadows and rock areas.

Here, the uncontaminated nature is preserved for protecting the peculiar and rare animal and plant species of the area.

The protected area houses several mammals, birds, amphibians, fishes and insects. Along the many paths of the park, you could see a shy marmot or beautiful rare butterflies…don’t let slip the opportunity to see such wonders of nature, and enjoy every single piece of this enchanted kingdom.

As concerns flora, in every corner of the park you will find different species of plants and flowers, because the meadow and the delightful climate of the area encourage the sprouting of a wide range of plants: from the Swiss Pine to the valerian and other many big and small species belonging to the vegetable kingdom.

There are several mountain bars, information points, educational itineraries, museums and there’s also the chance to do guided excursions, which will make you discover something more about the secrets of the culture, the habits and customs, the landscape and the legends of the area, and all the details about the Nockberge mountains.

In the Nockberge National Park, many interesting activities dedicated to adventure are scheduled, in order to make visitors feel closer to the nature and find a new, aware relationship with it; you will have the opportunity to see – maybe very closely! – big and small animals that you have never seen before.

Sometimes, remember to take a break and have a rest in one of the many mountain bars and restaurants of the Nockberge National Park, in order to refresh yourself and taste the local specialties. You will find your energies!

A curious note: in the “rifugi della valeriana” (“mountain bars of the valerian”) you have the possibility to have a refreshing herbal footbath, in order to invigorate your tired feet after a long walk, and in winter they offer reinvigorating hot herbal teas for recovering from a cold day spent on snow.

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