DSC_0638For the people who on holiday wish to keep fit but also have fun and rest, enjoying the breathless landscapes offered by the mountains and the Alps, in summertime Carinthia region is a very charming and interesting choice.

The Kärnten Card opens a rich experience world during your vacation in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the greater area. You are granted free admission to more than 100 day-trip destinations in Kärnten. In addition to that, you can use the cable car facilities in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Nockalmstraße free of charge. That’s not enough? Then look forward to attractive reductions with over 60 bonus partners. You best begin to plan your holiday straight away!
Bad Kleinkirchheim’s cable car facilities
Alpine wildlife park/Naturstadl Feld am See
35 km-long Nockalmstraße in the biosphere park with numerous attractions for grown-up and smaller guests
Heidi Alm Falkert
Lake Millstätter See shipping line
alpin+art+gallery, Turracher Höhe
Bonus partner: Sagamundo - Haus des Erzählens in Döbriach/Granatium precious stones in Radenthein

The mountains, valleys and alpine meadows of Carinthia can offer its visitors thousands different activities to practice. Here, you will have the chance to do any kind of sport; you will be spoilt for choice: hiking, going trekking, climbing, mountain biking, tennis, golf, Nordic walking, free flight and also many water sports to practice in the amazing lakes, such as swimming, water-skiing and windsurfing on pure and clear waters.

The climate of Carinthia is perfect for practicing sport, thanks to many hours of sun (above Austria average), scarce rainfall and fresh, pure air of mountains that invites tourists and locals to spend much more time outdoors, in the astonishing nature of alpine landscapes..


In summertime, it is possible to have a mountain bike tour along the Drau river or near the lakes, enjoying the beautiful panorama and having a rest in the several cultural sights of the area, such as museums and castles, and also in the many mountain dews where you can taste tasteful speck or dip a fresh drink.


And for the lovers of fishing, Carinthia has a lot to offer to its visitors also in this field. The region offers 33 km of coasts, perfect for fly fishing, and two mountain lakes. Among the others, you can find: Gail river, Mühlbach, Assnitzbach, Angerbach, Sittmoosbach and Mahlbach river, and two lakes: Grünsee, Cellonsee and the artificial one on Valentin.

The fish species that you can find here are graylings, brown trouts, rainbow trouts, and many more.

And don’t forget about golf! Carinthia is the Region of Golf without boundaries, where you can find 10 golf fields in Grado, Tarvisio and Bled, that is two Italian fields and a Slovenian one. The field located in the North, on the Nockberge mountains, is 1,100 m high and is 3 hours away from the southernmost located in Grado.

In summertime, a lot of events are organized, such as concerts of classic music and comedies are scheduled at Festival of Comedy in Spittal. In addition, visitors can enjoy several sport events (such as beach volley tournaments), interesting cultural events and wine-and-food events.

And in such a relaxing scenario, you will also find wonderful spa centers! As a matter of fact, Carinthia offers several spa and wellness centers which use both traditional and innovative techniques. So, Carinthia could be a perfect solution if you are looking for a holiday entirely dedicated to high-quality psychological and physical wellness.

Otherwise, if you love going camping, Carinthia region will welcome you with your tents, roulettes and campers in 115 campsites placed on the lakes, on the mountains, along the rivers and in the National Park, and there are also nudists camping. The region of Carinthia with its sun, many drinking-water lakes and an enchanting panorama among its mountains, is a perfect place for spending a holiday in a camp.

So, the summer in Carinthia is waiting for you, with unforgettable outdoor holidays among fun, sport, nature and rest.

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